Program Rates

Term  July 2017 – January 2018January 2018 – July 2019 July 2019 – January 2022
Competitive SupplierVerde EnergyVerde EnergyNextEra Energy Services
All Rate Classes$0.09334 / kwh$0.11354 / kwh$0.10787 / kwh
Renewable Content100% offset by National Wind RECs  100% offset by National Wind RECs MA Class I RECs – 50% More Than Required* by MA

Term begins and ends on the days of the month that your meter is read in your service area.
Rates include consultant fee of $0.001 per kWh to facilitate the Program.

*The power supply is offset with 50% more than the state mandated MA Class I RECs from local renewable sources. Offset percentage varies based on annual RPS. Total % of MA Class I RECs are 21% in 2019, 24% in 2020, 27% in 2021 and 30% in 2022.

At the end of each term a new rate and term will be determined.  It may or may not be with the same supplier. With each subsequent supplier/rate/term change, all consumers who were previously in the Program will remain in the Program.

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