Program Rates

Term December 2017 – January 2019January 2019 – July 2019July 2019 – December 2020
Competitive SupplierVerdeFirst Point PowerFirst Point Power
All Rate Classes$0.10374 / kWh$0.11674 / kWh$0.10307 / kWh
Renewable Content100% offset by National Wind RECsMeets MA RequirementsMeets MA Requirements

Term begins and ends on the days of the month that your meter is read in your service area.

Rate includes (1) Consultant Fee of $0.001 per kWh to facilitate the Program and (2) Operational Adder of $0.001 per kWh to fund personnel costs associated with Town’s Energy Manager position.

At the end of each term a new rate and term will be determined.  It may or may not be with the same supplier. With each subsequent supplier/rate/term change, all consumers who were previously in the Program will remain in the Program.

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