Warning : Energy Supplier Solicitation Calls

Some residents have received telephone and even door to door calls from electric/energy suppliers, some even posing as employees of the local utility, attempting to solicit their business.

These calls are NOT affiliated with your Community Choice Power Supply Program.

Please be aware that neither the energy supplier selected for your community’s Program, nor Colonial Power Group will be initiating calls to residents and businesses to explain the program or their rates.

The Community Choice Power Supply Program will notify you of the Program ONLY through mail direct from your community (look for your Town’s seal). Unless a resident or business contacted Colonial and requested a return phone call, no other calls are being made in regards to this program.

We urge residents and businesses to use diligence when receiving solicitation calls from energy suppliers and we recommend that all offers be carefully evaluated before making any decisions as some energy supplier contracts include penalties and fees for early termination.


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